Why the web has never been easier

Why the web has never been easier

FourFourThree, a leading UK news source, reports that the number of web users worldwide is on track to be more than half a billion by the end of 2020.

The figures are a huge leap from just over 800 million in 2016 and just over 200 million in 2010, the first year for which official data is available.

As a result, this new era of connectedness will bring a new wave of disruption and change in how people consume content and services.

The web will become much more personal, says Adam Malyon, managing director of consultancy, analytics and advisory company, Digital Intelligence, in a statement.

It’s the next logical step in connecting people to content, he said.

“By connecting more people, we will be able to better serve their interests and deliver richer experiences to them.

This will enable them to be part of a digital community that they can engage with, share news and discover new things.”

A new era in connectivity will be met with a new kind of disruption, writes Adam Muralon,  managing director of consultancy, analytics and advisory firm, Digital Intelligence, in a statement.

“We will be seeing a wave of personalisation and the proliferation of apps and services that are designed to make our lives easier and more productive, rather than more boring and boring.”

“I’m not sure what that will mean for the business of content delivery,” says Muralont.

“But it could mean a whole new era where content is shared and consumed in a more personal and personalised way.”

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