Why the ‘candy’ on the left of the Apple logo looks like a cross between an eyeball and a monkey’s foot

Why the ‘candy’ on the left of the Apple logo looks like a cross between an eyeball and a monkey’s foot

The design team behind the Apple Logo has a few design issues to address, but this one’s a little tricky.

We’re talking about a monkey with a peanut on his head.

Apple has a longstanding tradition of making logos that look more like the design of an eyeballs head than the design on the back of a candy bar.

This is not only due to a long-standing tradition of the company’s logo, but also because Apple’s logo has been used in the name of candy bars.

In the early 2000s, the company began to introduce more realistic logos in the form of “layers” of icons.

These were designed to be more consistent with the shapes of the logos on the actual candy bars, rather than being just an “eye” of the logo.

A company spokesperson told us that this new approach had been designed to “bring the Apple name to a new level.”

In this image, Apple has changed the shape of its logo, and the candy bar has moved.

The design team has been working on this logo ever since, and they’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the public.

In the video below, we hear from people who say they like the change.

It looks pretty cool, right?

We like the fact that it looks like the company logo, as opposed to the candy bars logo, which is more of a monkey.

But it looks a little weird, too.

We’re not sure what the problem is.

Maybe it’s that the monkey has a peanut, or maybe it’s because Apple hasn’t actually put a peanut in a candybar in a while.

Or maybe Apple just doesn’t like monkeys.

Either way, the design team is working to correct the problem.

Here’s what they’re working on: First, the top half of the icon is now a peanut.

Here’s the full list of icons, with the names of the companies behind them.

For more info on the redesign, you can watch Apple’s full blog post about it here.

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