Which companies have the highest-paid employees?

By JANIE RUBINIERAPPLIEDWASHINGTON (AP) – There are more than 3.2 million employees in the United States, but only about a quarter of them have their names on their company’s website.

The number of people who can name their employer on the company’s site has risen to 8 million from about 700,000 in 2010, according to a new study by the Institute for Policy Studies.

The Institute for Quality, Innovation and Entrepreneurship says the rise is driven by the surge in online sales, which are also increasing the number of jobs available.

“Online sales, the Internet, and digital technology are creating jobs at a rate far exceeding that of the rest of the economy,” the institute said in a statement.

The institute says about 40% of Americans own a smartphone, up from around 25% in 2010.

The study says the smartphone penetration rate for the last decade has grown to around 20%.

The institute also found that the median pay for U.S. workers in 2017 was $60,749.

That’s about $2,200 more than the median household income in the country in 2016.

The study also said that of all the jobs that are available, the largest employers were software companies, accounting for 29% of jobs.

Other big employers included retail and entertainment companies, transportation companies, financial services, insurance and education companies.

The largest employer in 2017 for U,S.

tech workers was Amazon, which employed nearly 830,000 people.

Its CEO, Jeff Bezos, is worth an estimated $88 billion.

Other big employers that saw large increases in their workforce in 2017 included the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, according the study.

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