When is the best time to use Google Analytics for web design?

French web designer Algène Mathieu-Brunet recently discovered that Google Analytics was actually more useful when she was developing her new web design project.

According to Mathieu, this was a result of her use of Google Analytics to track her visitor engagement and traffic, and also the use of a Google Analytics plugin that automatically updated the data on a daily basis.

In other words, the more often she used Google Analytics, the better she found the data it collected. 

Mathieu-Braudet found that she was able to track the traffic that her website received through Google Analytics using a simple Google spreadsheet, and then used the Google Analytics API to create a custom dashboard.

The dashboard was able a couple of things: It automatically updated her visitor data with the latest information, and it also included her visitor’s age, gender, and location. 

Google Analytics was not the only tool Mathieu was able “to find” for her project, however.

She also used Google Trends to find the traffic patterns that were most likely to attract visitors, and found that Google Trends can be used to identify new traffic that has come to your website in the past. 

As a result, she was also able to build a custom traffic tracking page that would keep track of the percentage of visitors coming to her website from each country. 

She found that her site had a much higher visitor engagement rate when visitors came from France, for example, and that the site had more visitors than it would have otherwise had. 

With Google Trends, you can even use it to find which countries people visit the most, as Mathieu discovered, “I can see where the most people are coming from.”

Google Analytics also helps you create custom charts, which can help you determine how your website is performing. 

The number of visitors to a website is often directly correlated to the number of unique visitors to your site.

The more unique visitors a website has, the higher the conversion rate.

If your site has many unique visitors, then visitors from all around the world are more likely to click on your site, which means your site is performing well.

Google Analytics helps you find this correlation by collecting and reporting visitor data from every visitor to your web site. 

For example, if you have 50 visitors visiting your site on a weekly basis, and your site only receives a few visitors each week, then you might have a very low conversion rate for that particular week. 

This can lead to a very negative feedback loop, as visitors may leave your site after the first week and come back later to read about your work, and you may also see a lot of negative reviews on social media sites and even sites that are not related to your business. 

If you want to know how your site performed during this time period, then take a look at your visitor data, as it can help your web design company find the most effective ways to improve your site performance. 

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of how Google Analytics can be a powerful tool, you may be interested in how to use it in your own business.

To learn more about Google Analytics and how you can use it for web marketing, check out our free e-book, The 10 Most Important Ways to Use Google Analytics.

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