When Designers Create a Brand, They’re Actually Creating a Product

When Designers Create a Brand, They’re Actually Creating a Product

Bloomberg title Designers: You’re Not Making a Brand You’re Making a Product source Bloomberg headline Designers create products, not a brand article Bloomberg article Designers aren’t inventing products, they’re designing products, the way they design a product.

When a company creates a product, it creates a brand.

When that brand becomes a brand, it becomes a product—and that’s how brands are born. 

The concept of branding isn’t a new one.

In the early 1900s, the British surgeon Edward Jenner coined the term “branding” to describe the “symbolic and moral association of a person with a product.”

Jenner’s concept was a precursor to the current trend of branding, which has led to more and more companies using products as a brand as a way to promote their products. 

But, unlike Jenner’s notion, many of the earliest brand founders, including John LeFrak and Henry Ford, didn’t really think much about branding.

They just thought about selling cars. 

They didn’t think about creating a brand for their cars.

They didn’t create a brand to represent their brand.

They created brands for themselves.

They invented their brand as their business.

They designed their brand for themselves—just like everyone else. 

Today, brands are becoming a more prominent part of our lives. 

A study by The Branding Institute found that in 2015, there were nearly 10 billion brand impressions, meaning that a brand was created for each one of us. 

The survey found that 90 percent of people surveyed had heard of a brand or brand agency.

In 2018, branding was ranked as the sixth most important thing in the lives of over 12 million people. 

Branding can also be a powerful way to get noticed and get customers to follow you on social media. 

In a recent interview with CNN, the creator of the viral Instagram account @haystackkat, @HaystackKat, said that he had been using his account to get followers to subscribe to his Instagram account. 

And a recent study from BrandRad found that when people look for the right brand, they find it on Instagram. 

On a daily basis, the brands of brands are trending, so if you want to get a quick look at which brands are most popular, the most popular Instagram posts are brand posts. 

One of the biggest trends in social media right now is the idea of brands being a way for brands to attract and retain customers. 

If you’re an Instagram user and you’re interested in a brand from the brand of your choice, chances are that you’re already following the brand on Instagram or Twitter, so it makes sense to follow the brands on Instagram as well. 

While you can’t build your brand on social platforms alone, you can definitely use your brand to reach a much larger audience. 

For example, an online fashion label called Glamorist has been using brands like Nike and Adidas to connect with its followers, but it also uses brand ambassadors like @glamorisshow and @jordan_sue. 

You can also take advantage of the brands that you already know well.

There’s always the chance that you might be able to find a brand that you haven’t heard of, and a great way to do that is to learn from them. 

Here are a few tips to help you become a better brand owner. 


Understand Your Brand: The first step to becoming a better branding professional is understanding your brand. 

Do you have a great brand that people actually like? 

If so, you’ll have a better chance of attracting customers, and that will lead to higher brand engagement and sales. 

Are you one of the top brands in your field? 

There’s a good chance that your company has the right experience for your audience, and if you have that experience, you’re more likely to convert them into paying customers.

Do you have something unique and valuable that your customers are interested in? 

The more unique and useful your brand is, the more likely you’ll be able for them to become loyal customers.2.

Create Your Brand Story: There are many ways to tell a story.

You could create a short, catchy story that is compelling, informative, and unique. 

Or, you could create something that is long and complex, and has the potential to sell a lot of books and products.

The important thing is that your story should be compelling and informative. 


Take Care of the Clients: You might have heard the saying, “the most important person in the room is the client.”

That may be true if you’re working in the retail or design industries.

But what about in a creative industry? 

As a designer or a creative business owner, the client is more than the client.

The client is a part of your team. 

What happens when the

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