What you need to know about the latest sports and pop culture news

What you need to know about the latest sports and pop culture news

AUSTIN, Texas — As the NBA and the NFL were debating whether to move the All-Star Game to the Allstate Arena in Allentown, New Jersey, it was apparent that fans wanted to know why the game was moving from Dallas.

A new study by the Associated Press, which surveyed more than 1,400 people from across the country, suggests that while the Allenton game is still an important sporting event, many people still have an unspoken distaste for the Allstar game, despite the fact that it is one of the most prestigious in the world.

According to the AP poll, just 29 percent of respondents thought the Allstars should stay in Dallas.

That’s up from 23 percent last year, when the Allstates played in New Jersey.

The AP’s survey also found that just 34 percent of people thought the NFL should move the game to Dallas, up from 33 percent last season.

While the Alles are widely regarded as the most iconic sports team in the United States, there are those who have a different opinion.

“Dallas and Allentons reputation are pretty much inseparable,” said Steve Jones, a Dallas-based attorney who has represented a number of high-profile athletes, including former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Mark Ingram, who retired after the 2016 season.

When asked about their opinion of the game, people in Dallas-area cities had a more negative view of the players than those in nearby cities, according to the poll. “

The fans don’t like that they’ve had this reputation for so long.”

When asked about their opinion of the game, people in Dallas-area cities had a more negative view of the players than those in nearby cities, according to the poll.

The biggest problem is that people there think Dallas is a terrible city to play in, said John Schoenberger, an attorney in Dallas who is an assistant professor at the University of North Texas and has been representing NFL players in court cases involving the Allens.

“People in Dallas are generally quite prejudiced, and the Dallas-Area residents seem to be more of the opposite,” Schoenberg said.

“If you go to a lot of these cases in Dallas, there’s always the possibility that the NFL will be suing.

If you’re a Dallas resident, there may be some sort of appeal.”

In some ways, it’s a fair comparison.

The NFL is the NFL, after all.

In many ways, however, the Dallas area has been a bit more accepting of the fans.

The team has won a championship, even if the Dallas Stars haven’t.

The Allstar Game has a great tradition in the area, as it has been for decades.

It’s been held annually for decades, and it’s been a tradition in Texas for decades as well.

And fans in the Dallas metro area have been able to attend the All Star Game in person for decades without having to leave the area.

“I’m not sure why people don’t want to go,” said Jones, who has been involved in a number high-stakes litigation involving the NFL and its players.

“They know it’s going to be big in Dallas.”

The poll was conducted March 20-22.

The findings of the poll are not necessarily the final word on the matter, however.

Schoenber noted that a number respondents have expressed interest in moving the Allers game to another venue.

In some cases, they have even expressed a desire to move to another state to play.

But he also said that the fact remains that the All Stars are not popular in Dallas any more than they are in New York City.

Jones also said he is not convinced that the Dallas Cowboys will move the games to New Jersey because he doesn’t believe it would make any difference in the number of fans.

“You have a stadium that’s very well-known, well-supported and a very good fan base in the entire state of Texas,” Jones said.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the Allams would make much of a difference to the number or the numberlessness of fans in Dallas when the team plays at the Allmendinger Arena.

“At the end of the day, the game will go on,” Schenberger said.

In other words, if the Allames game doesn’t draw fans, it doesn’t matter where they play.

“We all know what happens when you’re playing in a bad city,” Jones continued.

“And if you don’t have good fans, you’re not going to win any of the games.

So, no matter where you play, you still have to do a pretty good job.

And if you play at a venue that’s not popular, you’ll lose.”

What does the NFL think?

In a statement, the NFL said that it was “deeply concerned” about the poll and its findings.

“While we believe the Allis Arena is an outstanding venue for the 2019 Allstar

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