What you need to know about designer’s blog infographes

What you need to know about designer’s blog infographes

By KATIE BANKERThe Associated Press | USA, New York (AP) — A designer’s post on a popular blogging platform about fashion, design and design-related topics is causing controversy on social media.

On Wednesday, designer Adam Hildebrand tweeted a photo of himself wearing a tie and button-down shirt and said he “wasn’t expecting a lot of attention.”

The image was retweeted more than 5,000 times, and more than a dozen people criticized the designer’s choice to include a button-up shirt with a tie on his Instagram account.

Hildebrand later deleted the post.

He wrote on his personal blog, The Designer, that he “didn’t know” the button-downs were going to be a hit, but added he didn’t think it would be a “hit” as it is on other platforms.

The post has since been deleted, and Hildebrands Instagram account has since changed to the hashtag #fantastictuesdays.

The designer’s comments prompted questions about whether Hilde’s post was racist, with some suggesting he is “in denial.”

The post is being shared by many of the people who criticized Hilde for the shirt, including some who commented on the post on his website.

Hillebrand, who goes by the handle @matthewhildebrand, has over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

He often posts photos of himself dressed in a variety of styles, and his Instagram page has become a popular forum for fashion-forward, social-media savvy fashionistas.

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