Ubisoft’s The Division is the best-selling title in Australia

Ubisoft’s The Division is the best-selling title in Australia

Ubisoft Australia has announced the top 10 best-sellers for its annual Top 10 Best-Selling Australian Games of All Time.

The title was released last week, and Ubisoft Australia said it has already seen sales increase by around 40 per cent since its release last year.

“We’re very excited about the performance of The Division, with strong sales and great engagement from our players,” Ubisoft Australia’s managing director of sales and marketing, David Bowers, said.

You can view the Top 10 in its entirety below:”The Division” has become a very popular game, and it has helped to create an audience of players who are not only passionate about the genre, but also passionate about games that reflect their own interests and tastes,” he said.”

We hope that this will give our players the confidence to keep playing and play longer.

“The game also has a huge following in the US, where it was the No. 1 game on the PlayStation Store for the week ending December 19.

In Australia, it has become one of the biggest selling titles in the country and the publisher is counting on the popularity of the game to help pay the bills.

Its sequel is due to launch in 2018.

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