The NFL’s new logo could make it more of a logo than a logo

The NFL’s new logo could make it more of a logo than a logo

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to stop ourselves from saying ‘This is the logo.’

But I can guarantee you it’s gonna be a logo,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

“It’s gonna have a certain look, but it’s going to have a purpose.”

And while the logo could become more of an icon than a label, Goodell made it clear it will not be used as a branding tool.

“We’re not going to be the next Google,” Goodell said at a news conference Tuesday.

“The purpose of this is to not have a branding system that’s all about brands and labels.

We’re not about to have labels and brands and logos.”

The NFL is currently working on a new logo that will replace the current one, which was unveiled in January, and the new one will be unveiled in May.

The league has said it hopes to announce a new, updated logo by the end of the year.

Goodell said the new logo will be “a lot more aspirational and aspirational than the old one.”

Sources: NFL, NFLPA, Goodell, Goodell’s office, league source ABC News title New NFL logo unveiled: ‘We’re going to change our logo every year’ article The NFL announced the logo changes Tuesday, saying the new, more aspiratory design is designed to capture the “enthusiasm” of fans.

The logo was unveiled at a conference call with the media, with Goodell saying the league will “change it every year.”

“Our new logo is going to reflect the excitement that our fans are feeling, the excitement they’re having for the sport, the passion that they’re putting into this league, the great excitement they are experiencing with this team and the great passion they’re expressing to this country,” Goodell told reporters.

“And it’s a logo that we are going to keep changing every year.

And I know that’s what our fans want, that’s our goal.”

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