The future of French website design: Why the French will be the most innovative country

The future of French website design: Why the French will be the most innovative country

France’s design agency has created a new website design concept that has already seen it become the second most innovative in the world, behind Switzerland.

The French site design agency L-P, which also works on design for a number of other countries including the UK, is working on a new “design-centric” website that will aim to create a website that “reminds users of what it means to be French” by “providing a clear, intuitive experience”.

The website will include a visual guide to French culture, a “digital history of the country” and an interactive website.

It will also feature a series of “stories” and other multimedia content, such as a “lens of the world”, an interactive map and “the world in 2018”.

The project is described by L-V.P. as “a new approach to design”.

It will “provide a visual, intuitive and interactive design that makes the site a portal for French people to interact with it,” it says.

L-P is also working on the “France of 2018” design project, which is described as a joint venture between L-S, which produces “beautiful and relevant design” and L-E, which designs “mobile, social and visual content” for mobile users.

The French website has been launched on L-O.

The website, which will be launched in the second half of 2018, is based on “a single vision: to present the most interesting and important content in a clear and intuitive way, based on a holistic and dynamic approach that brings the French culture to the world”.

The site, L-C.P., is being designed by the design firm of L-A.L.M.L.-P.

and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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