‘It’s not the same’: ‘The new normal’ in France’s education system

‘It’s not the same’: ‘The new normal’ in France’s education system

A new generation of French citizens has experienced a new norm in their education system that they say has left them behind.

With a new government pledging to fight a new war against radical Islam, new social media platforms and online platforms that allow young people to share their views, some parents are concerned their children may be overwhelmed by the new way of life.

One such parent, Sophie Ngo, told ABC News the new norm was leaving young people feeling “lucky” and “lazy.”

“I’m very angry about it,” she said.

“I know what the new normal is.”

In a country where parents are often the first ones to educate their children, the new reality has left parents wondering what the future holds for their young ones.

“It’s very scary,” Ngo said.

“I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to have a child, but what is the future?”

The new norm is leaving young French citizens feeling “loose” and in the process, feeling like “loser”In 2015, French President Emmanuel Macron signed a law to combat radicalization that created the French Islamic State (IS) and its branch in the Paris suburb of Charleroi.

The new law also called for an end to the use of French school curricula in the Muslim faith, and in addition to closing schools to young people.

In 2017, a survey showed nearly 70 percent of French parents did not want their children to study at home.

“We have a lot of children who are going to be the victims of the new radicalization, if not the victim itself,” Njie Njouwe, a mother of a young girl who studied in France for a year, told CNN.

Njouwew said that if her daughter does not study at school, the next step for her is to travel to the United States or Canada.

“When I come back, I will not know what I have done, because I will be the victim of something that happened to me,” Nwouwe said.

Parents in France have also been forced to cope with the “new normal” of school and life, and how much of a difference it has made.

“If we can’t have our kids at home, then what is our future??”

Ngo Njia told ABC.

Ngo said that despite being the mother of two young children, she still felt a lack of understanding.

“At home, it’s the same.

You can do it all the time, but at home it’s like you can’t go to the bathroom,” she told ABC’s “Good Morning America.””

At school, it seems that it doesn’t matter.

It’s a big difference.

It feels like we don’t know what to do with our lives.”

Ngo Ngo is not the only parent to feel this way.

A number of parents are frustrated with how their children are learning in France.

One of the biggest challenges facing the French school system is the “cultural gap,” Ngwa Ngo told ABC, “and it seems to be happening in a really big way.”

Ngwa said the school curriculum is very important to her.

“In France, there are three classes, there’s no separation.

So you can learn at home,” she explained.

Ngwe Ngo’s daughter attends a private school in France that has a very similar curriculum to the one her mother’s daughter attended in France, but that is a different curriculum, which has been in place since the 1990s.

Nnouwe Njiwe said the curriculum is still “very conservative,” but she is trying to bring her daughter into a different way of thinking.

“She’s learning in French and she’s studying in French, and she likes to read French and read French.

She’s learning, she’s learning.

She doesn’t want to leave home,” Nguuwe Njo said.

Nguuw said her daughter is still trying to adjust to the new culture, and is learning French at home in a French school that is similar to her French class.

“You can’t be the one that doesn’t understand,” Nnouw Njiuwe said, “it’s so hard for us.

She can’t understand what is happening, and we can only talk about it.”

Nguw Nguiwe told ABC she is not afraid of her daughter leaving home.

“She is a child of God.

She wants to go to school,” she added.

The future of French educationNgo, Nguw and Nguwo Njaiwe are hoping that the next generation of young French people will see through the “culture gap” and that they will come to see the “good things” about French education, according to Nguwi Nguo.

“They will see that it is important to respect the French culture,

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