‘It’s Not About The Movies’ With “It’s About The Music” By The Misfits

‘It’s Not About The Movies’ With “It’s About The Music” By The Misfits

We all know “it’s not about the movies” but this is no film festival.

It’s about the music, and the Misfit Band is the real star of this weekend’s Festival de la Musique.

It will be held at the Dockside Ballroom, on the third floor of the old City Theatre, in the heart of the city’s waterfront, on Sunday.

The music of the Misdits will be featured throughout the weekend.

There will also be a festival of its own, featuring live music, a dance floor, art and crafts, games and more.

The event will run from Sunday through Thursday, with tickets selling for $25 each.

To book tickets, visit www.thecitytheatre.com or call 740-836-3800.

“It is really exciting for us to bring this festival to the City Theatre and our staff,” says Misfitt founder, guitarist, vocalist, and bassist Paul F. Tompkins.

“There’s been so much great music in the city for so long, so to be able to bring it to a place like this is just so exciting.

We’ve got a lot of great bands, and I think the festival is just perfect for that.”

This will be the first festival to be held in the City’s waterfront.

In 2016, Misfighters began playing there, and Tompkin and his bandmates decided to continue touring on the waterfront.

“We decided that this was the perfect time to bring the festival to downtown,” he says.

“The City Theatre is a place that we’ve always loved to play music and it’s a place where we’ve been playing since the late ’80s, when we first started to make music, but it’s been really neglected for so many years.”

“We’ve never been in a place in downtown that felt so full of people, and we’re really excited to be here for the festival,” says Tompicks.

“This is a huge opportunity for us.

We’re going to bring a lot to the city, and hopefully the city will be a little bit more welcoming.

It’ll definitely be a great night out, and it’ll be the highlight of the weekend.”

For more information about the Festival de l’Argent, visit citytheatrefest.com.

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Listen to MisfIT on Spotify.

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