How to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in France

How to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in France

You can watch the EuroVocal song contest live on BBC Sport’s website, BBC Sport website and on the BBC Sport app.

If you are unable to access the BBC Sports app, you can watch all of the live coverage of the contest online, but it will take a little time to load.

Eurovision song contest: what you need to knowThe competition is held every four years, with the winner receiving a share of the prize money, which is worth €50,000.

The winners will then travel to Paris to compete for the Eurovocal prize, while the runners-up will compete in a series of two-week “intercontinental competitions”.

This year, the main draw will be France, with a number of countries in the Middle East and Africa also taking part.

There are eight countries competing in the Eurocavender, including the UK, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and France.

The Eurovision song competition was originally started by the Dutch artist Jan Bijlmen in the early 1990s, with Britain winning the first three.

The format of the competition has been changed over the years to better reflect the diversity of the world, with each country having to pick from three songs.

The competition has become much more of a global phenomenon, with countries competing throughout the world.

The most recent iteration took place in France in 2011, and has been watched by millions of people.

There were 5.8 million live viewers across the UK at the time of the broadcast, while 3.6 million across France, which hosts the final.

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