How to save your pregnancy from a botched Caesarean section

How to save your pregnancy from a botched Caesarean section

By Sarah McCrae and Rob PriceABC News | November 19, 2018 12:06:08An obstetrician and a surgeon are to be credited with saving a woman’s pregnancy.

They performed a Caesar’s-style procedure to avoid the botched delivery of a premature baby.

Key points:Alger conception website has helped more than 12,000 women through the tricky process of Caesarian section”The team at Gabriela” has been working on the project since December and is currently accepting donations for the birth of the second baby.

“We have made a few mistakes in the past, but the team has been really supportive of the whole process, and are really proud of the outcome,” Gabriella, who wants to remain anonymous, said.

“When the baby was born, the obstetricians asked me how I was feeling, I was like, ‘Well, I’m fine’ and then we gave him his first blood test.”

Doctors at the Gabrielas family hospital in the French Alps delivered the second child on Saturday.

The baby, named Alain, weighed less than a kilogram, and weighed more than a third of an ounce.

Doctors at Gabriole hospital in Italy delivered a second baby this week.

Both babies were delivered at the same time.

“The babies are very happy.

They were very, very healthy,” Gabrieella said.

Her family said they were so happy that they donated their second child to Gabrielia for free, but they were grateful that she chose to donate her first.

“It was a bit difficult to give him the baby for free.

But it’s nice to have him for free,” her husband, Jean-Pierre, said after the birth.”

I’m so happy, I feel so good.

I’m happy and relieved.”

Baby Alain has already given birth to his second child.

“This baby is a boy.

The doctors have called him a boy,” she said.

Gabriella and her husband are expecting their third child.

Alger pregnancy website was founded by Gabrielli, a former Australian chef, in 2013.

She said she has been overwhelmed by the support and support she has received.

“People tell me they were worried about the risks of giving birth, and they’ve said they wanted to know if I was prepared for the baby, and I told them ‘no, I’ve never given birth’,” she said, adding that she hopes people can find out more about Gabrielle’s project on the website.

“There’s a lot of people who want to help us.

It’s really a big, huge project,” she added.ABC/wires

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