How to communicate with the world with the help of a smartphone

How to communicate with the world with the help of a smartphone

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What is the difference between the French language and English?2.

Why do I need to know the French first before I can use it?3.

Is it possible to make a French dictionary online?4.

How do I translate French into English?5.

What are the different meanings of “dans la langue française”?6.

Why is there a word for “to kill”?7.

What’s the difference of the French word “bête d’affaires”?8.

Can I translate “my wife” to “a friend of mine”?9.

What does the word “nous” mean?10.

What if I don’t know the English language?11.

Is there a good French dictionary?12.

Can you help me to learn French?13.

How can I read and write French?14.

Can the French be used to make French jokes?15.

What can I learn about French culture?16.

Can a French friend of yours read my French?17.

Is French a language I can learn in French classes?18.

What do you mean when you say “I’m a Frenchman”?19.

Is this the French I speak?20.

How to pronounce French?21.

Can French be pronounced differently?22.

Is the French a dialect of English?23.

How many words are there in French?24.

Can we say “France is” and “France isn’t”?25.

What makes French so different from English?26.

How does French make up words?27.

What the word for French means?28.

Can my friend read French better than I can?29.

How is French spoken in France?30.

Is English the same as French?31.

How should I pronounce the word France?32.

How will I know if my friend is a French speaker?33.

How would you pronounce the French name “Pierrot” in English?34.

What will happen if I say “Paris is” in French and he doesn’t understand?35.

What happens if I make a joke in French that is in French but I don?t understand?36.

What to do if my French friend says something I don t understand?37.

How long does it take for my French friends to understand a joke I am making?38.

Can English be spoken with a French accent?39.

Can someone translate the French into German?40.

How far away are people from my French home?41.

Do you speak French?42.

What should I do if someone is trying to learn the French and I dont know where to begin?43.

What languages do you speak?44.

What kinds of French jokes are you listening to?45.

Can your friend read my jokes better than me?46.

How could I tell if someone’s listening to my French jokes in English but doesn’t know what they mean?47.

What words do I hear in French saying “I want to” or “I need to” in German?48.

What French words do you hear in German saying “dienst” or the equivalent in French for “do you want”?49.

Can there be a French version of “love” in the English word “love”?50.

What kind of French are you speaking?51.

How often do you do your French?52.

How old is your French friend?53.

Do your friends speak French with the same pronunciation as I do?54.

Do I need a French vocabulary book to speak French at home?55.

What type of French do you like to speak?56.

How about my French-speaking friend?57.

What about your French friends?58.

Do French people ever tell me that they want to learn more about French?59.

Do my friends and I need more French lessons?60.

What language should I learn in order to be able to read and speak French better?61.

How much time should I spend with my French person?62.

What would I say if I heard French jokes from someone else in the language?63.

Can people understand the French in the same way that English people can?64.

Are you French or German?65.

Can some of the words you hear on TV be translated to French?66.

Do some French words sound similar to English words?67.

Do most French people like to read?68.

Do many French people find it difficult to say “hello”?69.

What could French people do with a language that they can’t read?70.

What other words do people use in French often in the way English people use English words sometimes?71.

Can anyone learn French better in English than they can in French if they have an English vocabulary?72.

What time of day does my French day start?73.

Do people listen to the French television show La Marseillaise?74.

Are there French children

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