How to choose the best French dress for the holidays

How to choose the best French dress for the holidays

French dress designer Algernon Guibordeaux has revealed how to select the best for the holiday season.

Algernons dress is a versatile and fashionable piece of fashion, with pieces from casual to formal and everything in between.

Algs dress is the perfect gift to wear at the beginning of a holiday or any occasion and it is one of the few pieces of fashion that you don’t need to buy again.

Read more about Algiers fashion collection hereAlgiers is based in the south of France and has been featured on The Telegraph, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

The fashion designer was born in Algers birthplace of Gauteng in 1955.

His father was a tailor, and the pair worked as apprentices before they became business partners.

They made a name for themselves as the French-born designer duo of Algier and Guiboureaux, who have also worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Gucci.

Read the full interview with Algies dress here

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