How the design of the French flag has evolved over the years

How the design of the French flag has evolved over the years

The flag of France has changed a number of times over the course of the last century.

The French flag used to have a black background, but by the 1970s it had become a red-white-and-blue design with a white star.

In 1992, the flag was redesigned with an eagle in the centre.

In 1994, a red stripe was added to symbolise unity and the French republic.

In 2003, a white background was added, and in 2008, the country’s colours were red and white.

The flag was adopted by France in 1968.

It has been used on flags and flags-of-the-republic since that time, although it’s still used by some countries, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The changeover from the red and blue background was made because in 1968, the United States was a member of the European Economic Community, which gave France an economic advantage in its negotiations with other countries.

The flags of Canada, the UK and Australia have all changed.

The UK changed the colours of the flag from red and yellow to white and blue in 1998.

The Canadian flag is blue and white with a red background, while the Australian flag has yellow and red.

Canada’s flag has changed in several ways over the last 30 years.

The original flag was red and green.

In 1990, the colours changed to blue and orange.

This change was made in order to better represent Canada’s geographical location.

In 2001, Canada adopted its first green and white flag.

The colour scheme was changed again in 2007 when Canada introduced the green and yellow stripes that are used on the Australian and New Zealand flags.

Canada also introduced the red stripe, but the red was moved to the upper left of the national flag in 2009.

Since then, Canada’s colours have become more blue, yellow and white, and now they feature an eagle on the white field.

In 2019, Canada introduced an orange and white colour scheme.

This colour scheme features blue and yellow as the background colours, along with a green flag with a blue background.

This new colour scheme has helped Canada’s image in the international community.

The European Union adopted the red flag in 2001.

In 2010, the European Parliament adopted a resolution to make the flag a symbol of Europe, the EU and the wider European Union.

The EU adopted a flag that had been red and orange, but a red and black stripe has been added to represent the union.

The new European flag was also adopted by the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland and Spain in 2016.

The United States adopted the new flag in 2019, and it’s also a symbol in some countries.

In the United Arab Emirates, the current flag features a blue-and white design with red stripes on both sides.

The UAE’s flag features yellow and green stripes, with a yellow star at the top.

In Canada, there is a red flag with red and red stripes, along the white stripe.

The Canada-U.S. flag is red and a yellow stripe.

In South Africa, the white flag features red and gold stripes on either side of the blue flag.

In Spain, Spain adopted a red, white and black flag in 2016, replacing the red-and blue stripes with the red, blue and green ones.

The colours have changed again several times in recent years, and Spain adopted its second red flag last year.

The country’s flag is currently in use by Spain’s Ministry of Justice.

Spain’s new flag was unveiled in March 2017, with the colours changing from red to yellow, green and orange in 2018.

In 2020, Spain introduced a new flag design.

The white stripe has become a blue stripe on the red background.

The red stripe is now a yellow one on the blue background, along a yellow background.

In 2021, Spain’s flag was changed from red with white stripes on the left to yellow with blue stripes on one side.

The green stripe is a blue one on both.

In 2022, Spain also changed the colour scheme, and the red stripes have been removed.

In 2018, Spain changed the flag design to reflect the changing relationship between the EU, the U.S., Canada and Australia.

The U.K. changed the national colours to white in 2018, but its new national flag is based on the previous national colours.

The countries’ flags have also changed in recent times.

In 2017, Britain changed the flags to red, yellow, white, blue, green, yellow (with the yellow star) and orange (with a blue star).

In 2020 and 2020, the Netherlands replaced its blue flag with white and red, respectively.

In 2016, Belgium replaced its red flag to yellow.

In 2013, France replaced its white flag with blue and red with yellow.

The Australian flag was last changed in 2020, but it’s currently used by Australia and New Britain.

The Netherlands, in particular, has used the national colour red on its flag,

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