French government to consider new anti-terrorism laws to curb attacks

French government to consider new anti-terrorism laws to curb attacks

ALGERS, France — The French government will consider new laws that would allow authorities to order people not to use the internet to share information or communicate, French media reported on Friday.

The proposal would allow a court to order individuals to not publish information, or even communicate via the internet, unless doing so would pose a risk to national security, according to a report by Le Monde.

It also would apply to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the paper said.

In the past few years, a spate of attacks have hit France, especially in Paris, killing dozens of people and leaving thousands injured.

The government is considering introducing new legislation to prevent further such attacks, Le Mond said.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday defended the measures, saying that France’s security services need to be able to find out the identities of suspected terrorists.

He added that the country is facing a wave of attacks.

France’s counterterrorism laws were designed to combat terrorist attacks on French soil, but critics have said they have not been effective and are often used as a political tool to pressure political opponents or to silence opposition voices.

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