France unveils new website design in response to Paris attacks

France unveils new website design in response to Paris attacks

FRANCE, France — France has unveiled a new website layout designed to reflect the “brave and courageous” French people during a “terrifying” day of attacks on Friday that killed at least 129 people.

In an interview with the French news agency AFP, Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said France needed to take “a bold step forward” in its digital security to ensure it was “not forgotten in the face of the terror.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday it was important to keep up the fight against the spread of terrorism, adding: “It’s not a matter of if, but when.”

The new website, called “Auxi�res et aux travailleurs” (“To protect our freedoms”), includes a number of features to help the French public to understand how it was all possible.

Le Roux stressed that France had taken “a very brave step forward,” and the “sportive attack” in Paris was not a “one-off.”

France is taking a “very brave step” in combating terrorism, Interior Secretary Bruno Le Ruiter told the AFP news agency.

Le RouX said the government was working on a new set of laws to “address the security threats posed by the online world.”

The official website of the French government has been updated to include a section on security measures to prevent attacks.

The new system is also designed to protect against attacks on the state, Le Rouxt said, adding that it would be “necessary to make sure that it remains the best digital protection system for the French people.”

The government is also working on “a new law” to “strengthen” French security forces’ capabilities against “terrorism, extremism, criminal activity and the spread and financing of terrorist groups,” he said.

French President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Trump.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, the government has called for the establishment of a national intelligence agency and the creation of a new international crime fighting unit.

Trump, who was on the campaign trail, praised Macron for stepping up the police response to the Paris assaults.

The president tweeted Friday morning: “Frenchmen and women are being brave and courageous, for our country and for all of us.”

Trump has also called for a “massive, worldwide effort” to defeat terrorism, with Macron saying that France “must be a leader in this effort.”

On Friday, Le Ruit said the country would continue to work with the United States and other countries to create a new intelligence agency.

France’s interior ministry said the new website would be up and running on Sunday, though it has not yet made a final decision.

The French government is calling for “the international community to act together” in an effort to find the perpetrators of the attack and provide assistance to victims, including through the creation and distribution of evidence and evidence kits.

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