Algiers: ‘The best’ in the world, says US president

Algiers: ‘The best’ in the world, says US president

The US is known as a place where everything is possible, and the United States of America has always been a beacon of hope for the world.

It is the country that we want to see become a better place.

It’s a place that we’ve been here for many years, and we hope to continue to see that happening.

We have a lot of things to look forward to in this country.

I’m very confident that we will see the greatest and most prosperous time for America in decades.

President Trump on Friday said the US will remain a beacon to the world and a beacon for the best in the country.

The country is known for its natural beauty, and its people have long made their mark on the world with their boldness, their determination and their determination to succeed.

Algier is also known for being a world leader in science, technology and innovation.

A recent UN report on the city said Algies research centre was among the world’s most productive.

The UN said the centre, in a suburb of Algiris city centre, had the world-leading ability to produce new medicines for a range of diseases.

Algiers also hosts the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, an annual gathering of the worlds largest nations.

A report published in April 2016 by the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said the UNODC believed Algiri was the second most productive city in the UN system, and had the fourth highest proportion of scientists and engineers in the entire world.

AlGiers is also home to the Algieri International Centre for Science and Technology.

The institute, established in 2015 by the president and vice-president of the city, was created in response to the need for scientific expertise in the field of sustainable development.

Al Gier also hosts a university, the Institute of Science, Technology and Society.

The city has become a centre for international collaboration and business development, with businesses in Algiras five major sectors including oil and gas, mining and mining services, food and drink and IT.

“We’re very excited that Algists research and development will be a part of the new economic development in Al Giers.

We’ve got a lot to look to, including the Al Giri Centre for Sustainable Development,” President Trump said on Friday.

“Algies has a tremendous talent base, with over 400 PhDs in science and technology, and a number of other highly talented individuals, and there are also companies here that have a great interest in AlGier.”

Trump added that Al Girier was one of the best places to work in the US, and he was particularly proud of the fact that the city had hosted the World Economic Forum.

In his address to the nation, Trump thanked Al Giere for being “a beacon for America’s leadership and the world”.

“The United States has an opportunity to become the world leader of science and innovation, with a growing talent pool, as we have a unique ability to solve complex global problems, and to develop innovative products that are at the forefront of the global economy,” he said.

The President said he was optimistic that AlGiri, which he said was the biggest city in France, would become a leader in scientific research.

“We have a tremendous, great talent pool here, and I’m so proud of Al Gieri for having such an incredible talent pool,” he added.

He also hailed Al Giraies contribution to science and tech, calling the city a “great incubator” that “has the world in its sights”.

“I am so proud that Algemi has been a model for other cities and countries around the world to follow, to become leaders in scientific and technology research, and have a major contribution to the global effort to solve global problems,” he continued.

At a news conference after his speech, Trump said Al Giris has a “very special place in the hearts of Americans” and he would keep Al Geriaers reputation “very strong”.

Trump also thanked Algiere for its contribution to American innovation.

“Al Gier has become one of America’s most creative and innovative cities.

It has been home to a large number of world-class research institutes and companies, as well as numerous other successful companies,” he told reporters.

Trump said AlGiere had become a “superstar” in its own right and the city’s success would continue to be a major asset to the US.

President Trump speaks during a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in the East Room of the White House in Washington DC on January 27, 2019.

– Photo credit: AFP

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