Algiers design studio to launch in France in 2019

Algiers design studio to launch in France in 2019

In France, Pixima Design Studio will launch in 2019 with a goal of opening an office in Paris, according to its official website.

The company, which is based in Paris but has offices in Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York, aims to offer digital solutions that help customers make digital decisions for their brands.

It says the studio will serve a niche of design professionals in France who work in a variety of fields and have limited time for the design process, while also providing a platform for startups to grow.

The studio has already been a partner of the French firm Le Labe and has a portfolio of products, from coffee mugs and jewelry to apparel, jewelry and furniture.

Pixima has also made a name for itself by launching a line of eco-friendly digital projects for clients in China, South Korea and India.

Pixima says it has more than 500 employees across the world, including a team in Paris who have worked on products for more than 50 clients, including Nike, Adidas and Louis Vuitton.

It said it will open an office next month in Paris and a new Paris office in 2019, as it expands its digital services and helps brands improve the value of their brands through the creation of digital products.PIXIMA DESIGN STUDIO, PHILIPPINESA design studio in the Paree neighborhood of Paris.

The Parees neighborhood is a vibrant and fashionable area of Paris, home to many high-end shops, restaurants and bars.

(Pascal Rossignol/Getty Images for Algier)

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