“Algeries Website Design Studio”

“Algeries Website Design Studio”

by Leslyne Ziegler – “Algiers website designer and artist”Leslyne is a passionate designer and illustrator from France.

She is passionate about all things design and graphic design, from photography and film to print, printmaking and digital media.

She currently resides in France with her husband and daughter, who are also avid graphic designers.

Leslynes website design studio is an innovative studio specializing in the creation of graphic design for digital media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Pinterest Boards.

They have recently launched an online store in the form of a website and are currently working on a website for the French language, French-language language TV, French book and French film industries.

Lesley is currently a freelancer and is based in France, with her clients working in a variety of industries including fashion, advertising, architecture, design, retail and health care.

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