Algerie web designers to redesign Algeria website for $25 million

Algerie web designers to redesign Algeria website for $25 million

Algerie, France — The Algerian web design company Algiers Web Design has launched a new design for its online stores to mark the 30th anniversary of the Algerian revolution.

Algeria was founded in 1963 by Mohammed Ben Ali, who led the revolt against France and later became President Abdoulaye Wade.

Its online shopping site,, is now owned by a consortium of companies including the government.

Algiers said the redesign will be based on the site’s history.

“We wanted to give the Algerians the same level of dignity and dignity of a place in the world that they have in Algeria,” Algier told CNN in an interview.

Algersi website and mobile apps are already available for download.

The website, , has a special section dedicated to the anniversary.

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