A new startup with the goal of transforming online marketing is looking to take advantage of the Web in France

A new startup with the goal of transforming online marketing is looking to take advantage of the Web in France

A new online marketing startup is aiming to create a new model of online advertising and sales for French companies.

The company, called Digital-Empowered Sales, is currently operating in the United States and will be headquartered in France.

“I’ve never been to France before, but I’ve met a lot of French entrepreneurs and they are amazing.

I think they are going to be a real force to reckon with,” said Digital-Empowered Sales co-founder and CEO, Yannick Rizzo.

The startup’s website, digital-empowered-sales.com, is designed to give companies an online platform to build their own online sales strategies, including direct-to-consumer sales.

Rizzo said the site’s main focus is on marketing, but also offering tools and tools for sales.

The site is currently in the early stages of testing.

“The site has been developed and is a bit in the prototype phase.

We are not selling anything yet, but we’re looking at selling things,” Rizzos said.

Rizos, a former CEO of online retail chain Nordstrom and the founder of online retailer Fanta, said he hopes to attract an audience that could be around a billion people by 2020.

“Our target is to make the Internet a huge marketing tool for people to get access to,” Rizos said, adding that he wants to focus on two things: attracting customers, and helping them get more of what they want.

He said the company has been building a large number of websites since its inception in March 2016, but that it is the most ambitious project it has ever done.

Ritzos said that one of the main challenges he faced was that his site was designed for a European audience, which means that it needed to be able to cater to American audiences.

He said he decided to make his website in French because the French market has a lot more experience with digital marketing.

The website features several pages that include a map of French cities, including the Paris Metro system, a map showing the metro network, and a map with an overview of French businesses.

Rozos said the focus is not to create the next big business, but to create an alternative to big brands that are too big to be accessible online.

“We’re going to try to make this as accessible as possible,” he said.

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