A new Paris-based startup is raising $7 million to create a digital wallet that will let users trade currencies and more in real-time.

A new Paris-based startup is raising $7 million to create a digital wallet that will let users trade currencies and more in real-time.

A new company called Lisk, which recently raised $7.5 million, aims to make digital currency exchanges more convenient for consumers.

Its products include a virtual currency wallet, a mobile app that allows users to buy, sell and trade digital currencies, and a blockchain app that tracks transactions.

Lisk’s CEO, Thomas Dehaene, said in an interview with Axios that the company will not be making any profits, which he said will be spent on the team.

Lisk was founded in 2016 and Dehaenes said that he is not interested in making any financial statements about its products.

He said that the idea of creating an alternative to the current centralized digital currency systems was inspired by the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT).

He said that Lisk has been building an ecosystem of developers and startups for more than five years and the company was able to find investors after it secured funding in January 2018.

Lisks chief technology officer, Peter Zijlstra, said that they plan to build Lisk’s own ecosystem of products.

Zijlstras comments were echoed by the founder of Bitcoin Cash, which was founded by Barry Silbert in 2017.

Silbert was instrumental in pushing Bitcoin Cash into the public eye, which has since been used by a wide range of financial institutions and investors.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Silbert said that Bitcoin Cash is “a better and more secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies than the existing digital currency system.”

The future of LiskAccording to the Lisk website, Lisk is looking to expand its network of developers to include “a number of different blockchain-based applications that will help Lisk become a truly decentralized financial marketplace.”

It also aims to create an app that would allow users to track transactions with blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

According to Zijsstra, the company is planning to launch the Lisky app in 2020, but said that it would not be the first cryptocurrency exchange.

Zijstra added that it is not yet certain if Lisk will become a regulated company, but it is looking at that possibility.

Dehaene said that his company has been looking for investors since its founding.

He said he was looking for a way to create “a decentralized marketplace for digital currencies.”

He added that Lisky aims to expand to more markets in the future, and that it hopes to eventually become the largest blockchain exchange.

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