A new design for ‘conception’ magazine

A new design for ‘conception’ magazine

By Tom Bowerman, ABC News NewsThe ‘conceived’ magazine, which started life as a blog, is now back online with a new look.

It’s called Conception and has been published by ABC News since the start of last year.

It’s one of the first print publications in the world to feature a new design, with an ‘open design’ which means the pages are open, allowing readers to browse through the issue and read in real time.

In an interview with the ABC, the magazine’s managing director, Ian Wicks, said the new design was “an expression of the brand’s commitment to creating new content that’s original, engaging and relevant”.

“Conception has a history of being innovative and challenging,” Mr Wicks said.

“This redesign, like many other new publications, will be driven by the digital transformation of digital media and digital publishing, where we will be building the future of print journalism.”

Conception was launched in 2011 as an experiment in social media that started with a blog but became a real-time online publication.

Its original format was a weekly magazine with articles posted to the internet.

Its current design was developed from a series of sketches that Mr Wacks used for a series he did in his spare time.

“I started writing articles in my spare time as a way to create an outlet to share my creative work and also a way for me to make some money,” Mr Whicks said in a statement.

“The concept of the magazine was conceived and conceived independently, and not by a traditional publisher.”

Its design is an expression of its commitment to making new content and original content that is engaging, relevant and engaging.”‘

Conceived’ Magazine ‘conceptions’ in a gallery of design concepts.

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